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Jul 30 2013

When should a limited company register for PAYE?

A company has to register for PAYE when any one of the following applies...

Jul 23 2013

Do I need to open a business bank account for my limited company

Yes, your Limited company is a separate legal entity to you, it has a unique company number and is listed on Companies House (the regulatory body for

Jul 17 2013

10 things you need to do when opening a limited company

10 things you need to do when opening a limited company

Apr 30 2012

Invest in a small business in 2012 and claim 50% of your investment back

Any person looking at investing in a small business in 2012 should take serious note of the new Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

Apr 23 2012

Register a company for £13.50

You can register a company for £13.50 on BeanBalance in a few easy steps.

Mar 26 2012

My limited company is incorporated, what's the next step?

Incorporating your limited company is the first step. After that you need to inform HMRC of your intentions.

Mar 14 2012

7 Simple steps to becoming a Limited Company

Setting up a limited company is a lot easier than you may think. To show you how, we would like to explain the following 7 simple steps

Feb 20 2012

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