A company has to register for PAYE when any one of the following applies...

When should a limited company register for PAYE?

A company has to register for PAYE when any one of the following applies:

  • Salary payments are made to employees/directors at or above the LEL (lower earnings limit) - LEL for the 13/14 personal tax year is £109 per week or £473 per month; or
  • Salary payments are made to employees/directors who also have earnings from other employments (including pensions); or
  • Employees/directors get benefits; or
  • The company intends to claim a refund of CIS deductions.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then your company will need to register for PAYE. BeanBalance can help you with this. The free Salaries & Payroll Module, once selected, will automatically create a task for you with instructions on how to register your limited company for PAYE. Once registered, BeanBalance will calculate the PAYE and NIC payable – all you need to do is enter the gross salary amount on BeanBalance. A task will be created on the timeline and you will receive email reminders of when payments are due with instructions on how to pay.

BeanBalance also has other modules, like VAT, invoicing, billing to name just a few. It’s all free, so why not register today and have a look for yourself?

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Caroline Flack
Caroline Flack
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